YOU NEED A denton criminal ATTORNEY THAT WILL vigorously represent you
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The Denton County “Stay at Home” Order deems “legal services” to be essential and specifically exempts lawyers from the “Stay at Home” Order. The Peugh Law Firm and Attorney Daniel Peugh will be working regular hours (8:15am to 5:15pm) and accepting new clients throughout the COVID-19 crisis. You can chat with us about your legal issues by way of the “Speak to Us” chat feature on this website. We also offer phone consultations by way of 940-566-0271.

What can Daniel K. Peugh, Criminal Attorney at Law help you with?

Choosing the right Denton criminal law lawyer to build your defense isn’t as easy as simply picking a random name from the phonebook. You want a Denton criminal defense attorney that’s backed by years of experience, familiar with local judges, local prosecutors, and local law enforcement agencies, and, above all else, will vigorously represent you and your best interests. You want Daniel K. Peugh, Denton Criminal Attorney at Law.

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Focusing on Criminal Defense & DUI: The Peugh Law Firm in Denton County, Texas

As a former Assistant District Attorney in the Denton County Criminal District Attorney’s Office, Daniel K. Peugh devoted his early life to understanding criminal law from both sides of the courtroom aisles.

With more opportunities to protect his Texas residents in private practice criminal defense work, our accomplished Denton criminal lawyer opened his private practice in 2002 and continues to protect the rights of clients throughout North Texas who find themselves challenged by legal trouble.

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What Types of Denton Criminal Law Cases Does the Peugh Law Firm Specialize In?

With twenty years of experience practicing criminal law in Denton County, Texas, the Peugh Law Firm specializes in the criminal defense cases that the State prosecutes the most. By focusing on defending clients in the most public areas of legal difficulty, our Denton criminal defense lawyer can protect more of our citizens from potentially sensationalized charges that are filed at the time of their arrest, and the aggressive prosecution tactics that follow.

Our criminal defense practice areas include:

Our Denton criminal attorney has