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The Denton County “Stay at Home” Order deems “legal services” to be essential and specifically exempts lawyers from the “Stay at Home” Order. The Peugh Law Firm and Attorney Daniel Peugh will be working regular hours (8:15am to 5:15pm) and accepting new clients throughout the COVID-19 crisis. You can chat with us about your legal issues by way of the “Speak to Us” chat feature on this website. We also offer phone consultations by way of 940-566-0271.

What can Daniel K. Peugh, Criminal Attorney at Law help you with?

Choosing the right Denton criminal law lawyer to build your defense isn’t as easy as simply picking a random name from the phonebook. You want a Denton criminal defense attorney that’s backed by years of experience, familiar with local judges, local prosecutors, and local law enforcement agencies, and, above all else, will vigorously represent you and your best interests. You want Daniel K. Peugh, Denton Criminal Attorney at Law.

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Focusing on Criminal Defense & DUI: The Peugh Law Firm in Denton County, Texas

As a former Assistant District Attorney in the Denton County Criminal District Attorney’s Office, Daniel K. Peugh devoted his early life to understanding criminal law from both sides of the courtroom aisles.

With more opportunities to protect his Texas residents in private practice criminal defense work, our accomplished Denton criminal lawyer opened his private practice in 2002 and continues to protect the rights of clients throughout North Texas who find themselves challenged by legal trouble.

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What Types of Denton Criminal Law Cases Does the Peugh Law Firm Specialize In?

With twenty years of experience practicing criminal law in Denton County, Texas, the Peugh Law Firm specializes in the criminal defense cases that the State prosecutes the most. By focusing on defending clients in the most public areas of legal difficulty, our Denton criminal defense lawyer can protect more of our citizens from potentially sensationalized charges that are filed at the time of their arrest, and the aggressive prosecution tactics that follow.

Our criminal defense practice areas include:

Our Denton criminal attorney has spent more than two decades assisting our clients in Denton County, Texas with their legal troubles, no matter their age or the level of their charges. Our experience in the District Attorney’s Office has provided our Denton criminal defense lawyer with impressive, integral contacts within the judicial and law enforcement communities to enhance our success rates at every turn.

What Determines Whether My Denton Criminal/DUI Case is Dismissed or Goes to Court?

If the police went to the trouble of arresting you, there is a 99% chance that DUI case will be filed in court. All the proof the police need to arrest you is probable cause. All the prosecutors need to charge you in court for a misdemeanor is “a good reason to believe” that you committed a crime. Neither the police nor the prosecutors look for proof beyond a reasonable doubt at this early stage.

Felony arrests are also based on little proof that amounts to probable cause and, while felonies must be submitted to the Grand Jury for approval, Grand Juries send felony charges on to court if they believe there is just probable cause. Even if you were not arrested, if someone has reported you for committing a crime you will likely have to go to court to answer for those charges.

Filing criminal charges in court without first making an arrest is referred to as filing a criminal case “at large.” Nearly 20% of all criminal cases are filed at-large. So, just because you have not been arrested does not mean you will not be summoned to court as a defendant.

When Do I Need to Hire A Denton Criminal Defense Attorney?

The short answer is, whenever you are facing criminal charges. The courtroom is no place to find yourself alone, without experienced representation. Even petty, fine-only offenses can affect your ability to get a job and many fine-only offenses can result in a driver’s license suspension. Neither of those outcomes should to be taken lightly, as they affect your livelihood directly.

All higher level criminal offenses can carry jail time or imprisonment as part of their range of punishment, increasing their severity in the eyes of the law, and adding to your need for an accomplished Denton criminal defense attorney.

Timing is incredibly important when hiring a Denton criminal attorney, and the sooner you can hire one, the better prepared your case will be, before your first appearance before a judge. Our Denton criminal defense law firm has stopped cases at the police agency and we have reached agreements with intake prosecutors to avoid filing charges against our clients, canceling court dates before they hit the judge’s docket.

These great outcomes are only possible if we are hired early enough in the process to fight aggressively for a preemptive victory. Hiring a Denton criminal defense attorney who is local to the jurisdiction you are charged in can make the complete difference in your legal outcome. As a former Denton County prosecutor, our Denton criminal attorney has been in the Denton County legal community for twenty years, curating relationships with decision makers who can deliver successful outcomes for our clients.

Which Services Allow The Peugh Law Firm to Stand Apart from Other Local Denton Criminal Defense Attorneys?

The Peugh Law firm represents a unique value in the world of Denton criminal attorneys. Our Denton criminal defense lawyer’s inherent connections in the legal community immediately give our firm a substantial leg up in representing our clients. For over 20 years, Daniel K. Peugh has participated in the Denton County legal community with integrity, determination, and success, solidifying partnerships with law enforcement experts that give our clients an advantage.

Next, Mr. Peugh defends our clients personally. Other Denton criminal law firms will pass your case down to junior associates you have never met, and who do not have the experience you thought you were paying for. In most cases, you will spend your first meeting with that Denton criminal defense lawyers inside the courtroom, where you will be pressured to take a plea, and quickly. That is not how we operate. Justice is important to us, and we will personally fight for it on your behalf.

Finally, we start working on your defense the day y