Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Your Criminal Attorneys Help Someone Facing Criminal Charges?

The overall effects of hiring a Denton criminal attorney with our law firm are that we know the laws, and are consistently furthering our education, resources, and discovery inquiries to provide the best outcomes available for our clients.


While “the best available outcome” may mean something different for everyone, the end results are what matters to our clients.

For example:

We represented a client whose lab results reported a low BAC, nearly at the exact legal limit of intoxication. Instead of relying on that number as a final evidence, our firm had the blood tested by an independent lab. The results showed a .06 BAC, which is under the legal limit and provided exceptional leverage for our firm when facing the prosecutor’s office.

In another case, we were able to review the video if the police officer’s stop involving one of our clients, and our attorney immediately noticed that the driver did not illegally change lanes, as was reported in the arrest document, but drifted from her lane at a time and place that such an action was not dangerous. The proper charge should have been Failing to Signal a Lane Change. Since it was not the charge on record, there was no evidence that could support her being pulled over, which led the prosecutor’s office to offer a plea deal of one day time served in jail on a Class B Misdemeanor DWI. We, and the client, happily accepted.

A third example of our skilled approach to providing the best results for our clients includes our extensive legal research for a felony drug case that involved a traffic stop. Full disclosure: Our client was facing two drug charges that were pending with the court, but after we were able to submit our research fully and request a Motion to Suppress Evidence, the prosecutor’s office dismissed one felony count, and reduced the second to a misdemeanor. We, and the client, happily accepted here too.

Why Choose the Peugh Law Firm?

The Peugh Law Firm leaves no stone unturned when defending DWI allegations. Just as it is true in all states, the State of Texas will not ease the laws or their prosecutorial efforts when charging drivers with DWI. Their goal is to deliver a conviction. Our goal is to minimize our clients’ punishments. And we have a track record of doing so by putting in the work that is required to win.

Depending on the case, that can mean reviewing blood test and labs results, including using our own independent lab; reviewing video of the pull-over and arrest; scrutinizing evidence collected at the scene; and partnering with experts who can supply supportive, positive testimony that will strengthen our case.

Each of the extra steps we take for our clients is done so to create the best legal outcome available for their case. Our Denton law firm will leave no detail to chance when representing our clients because this is your life we are talking about. We want to help you fully preserve its quality.