DWI Non-Disclosure In Denton Texas – Seal Your DWI Arrrest

A DWI (driving while intoxicated) conviction can permanently blemish your record. This can taint everything from being approved for a rental property to getting a job you’ve set your eyes on.

Those who are familiar with record sealing, expunction, or expungement may be wondering if they can have prior DWI convictions taken off their criminal records. Knowing how expunctions and expungements work can help you determine if these options are on the table for you.


The State of Texas Is Quite Strict When It Comes to Removing an Infraction from a Criminal Record

Impaired driving comes with devastating social costs. It also contributes to fatalities all over the country each day. Such offenses don’t typically qualify for an expungement in the state of Texas. With that said, in rare scenarios, an individual who has been arrested for a DWI can request to have the charge taken out of their record.


What to Do If You Have Won Your Appeal or Did Not Get Convicted

Expungement is typically an option available to individuals who didn’t plead guilty, wound up with an offense conviction, or accepted some sort of plea deal. For instance, if you work with a Denton DWI attorney who negotiated a reduction of your impaired driving charges to traffic offenses (on the condition that you abide by certain criteria), then once those obligations are met, removing the arrest from your record may be feasible.

Further, if the case was dismissed by the state, if they determined you to be not guilty of the charge, or if the conviction was overturned during the appeals process, then it may be possible to get the impaired driving charge and arrest removed from your record.


What to Do If You Weren’t an Adult When the Offense Happened

If you are dealing with an impaired driving charge that you committed as a youth, and you did not commit any illegal activity or get arrested since then, then it is possible to get your youthful offense legally sealed up. In doing so, you can prevent the charge from showing up when somebody searches your public records. To qualify for this privilege, though, you must have avoided further legal problems from the time you were initially arrested.

First-time offenders can potentially qualify to have their DWI charge removed from their records. Those who receive a DWI conviction or plead guilty will need to accept the fact that the charge will be on their permanent record forever. The conviction will not be removed from your record, which is why it is so important to defend yourself accordingly against a potential DWI charge if you are facing one.

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