What Does Drug Manufacturing Mean?

The term “Drug Manufacturing” is a widely used phrase referring to a number of drug crimes in Denton & across Texas. They range from making or “cooking” methamphetamine or crack cocaine, combining ingredients to make LSD, and in some cases, growing marijuana.

It is also against the law to provide another person with the necessary ingredients to manufacture illegal narcotics if you are aware that that the components will be used to create illegal drugs.

For example, after passage of the Texas Controlled Substances Act, it became illegal to possess phenalyacetone and methylamine together for the purpose of meth manufacturing.

Drug laws in Texas define manufacturing of a controlled substance as:

  • Preparation
  • Conversion
  • Processing
  • Compounding

The laws also forbid being involved (rather directly or indirectly) with the extraction process, chemical synthesis, or a combination of the two.

Texas law also prohibits being involved with packaging, repacking, or labeling products and deems that to be an aspect of manufacturing.

In summary, if you play a role in any part of the drug production process, you could be charged with a crime known as “Possession with Intent to Manufacture” or manufacturing an illegal drug.

Texas Punishments for Drug Manufacturing

The penalty for manufacturing a controlled substance depends on the category the drug falls under and the amount of the drug. The most addictive drugs tend to have the most severe punishments.

There are some situations that can also increase the level of punishment for manufacturing. This includes having a child present or if there is violence related to the manufacturing.

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