How A Drug Conviction Can Impact Your Future

If you’ve been using drugs without any problems from law enforcement, you may not be too worried about being charged. If the prospect of being convicted is of no concern and you think you’d likely get off easy, you are not living in the real world.

The reality is that a drug conviction can result in serious harm to your future. If you want to know how it could affect you, both now and down the road, keep reading.

There are short and long-term consequences for a drug conviction:

Westminster College has found that the impacts from drug convictions on the lives of those convicted are numerous and long-lasting. Long-term consequences are often brushed aside when someone is facing immediate concerns, like how much the fines will be and where the money will come from. If you’ve been thrown in jail, this is your primary concern right now. Being sentenced to prison is usually a convicted person’s worst nightmare.

Your problems won’t end after paying the fines and spending time in jail. Sadly, a drug conviction on your record can affect your future in serious ways. For starters, it may be difficult for you to get a job or even rent an apartment. Hiring managers and landlords are allowed to look at an applicant’s criminal record. Although there are laws that seek to prevent discrimination on the basis of criminal history, those do not change human nature and people still tend to be biased.

Problems gaining employment:

Once you have a criminal drug conviction on your record, you will surely encounter problems gaining employment. Chances are that you will be discriminated against, but the worst part is that you will be prevented from even applying to certain positions. Jobs in teaching or government usually have stringent standards, rarely hiring anyone with a criminal record.

Problems renting:

Many landlords and property management companies do not look kindly on a criminal record of any kind, especially drug use. Having a conviction on your record can make it extra challenging to find a desirable place to live.

Because a drug conviction can have such lasting consequences, it would be wise to consult with an experienced attorney if you are facing a drug charge. They can do you  a world of good in devising a strong defense strategy.

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