Questions About Ignition Interlock Device Law in Denton Texas?

Charged with DWI in Denton County? You may be required to have an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) installed on your vehicle in order to continue driving. The purpose of the Ignition Interlock Device is to prevent an individual from driving if they have alcohol in their system. To start your vehicle, you have to pass a breath test that shows you have not been drinking. If the device indicates the presence of alcohol on your breath, your car won’t start and the attempt will be logged.

How often must you blow into this device?

You are required blow into the device every time you try starting your car. The IID will also remind you to test your breath again while driving.

Ignition Interlock Laws in Texas

The laws involving IID penalties vary state-to-state. In Texas, the law requires that an ignition interlock device be installed on the cars of individuals with two or more DWI convictions. An IID is also required for people convicted of DWI whose test came in at .15% BAC or above.

IID May Be a Required Condition of Bond in Denton County

There are cases in which an IID is required before a driver arrested for DWI can be released on bond. The driver would be required to have an IID installed on his/her car while the case is pending.

If the driver is ordered to use an IID while they are out on probation, he/she must use it for at least half the duration of their probation.

Texas Ignition Interlock Device Program

If your driver’s license is currently suspended due to a DWI, you may be eligible for the IID program. Having an IID installed on your car would allow you to drive again.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Your Texas driver’s license must be valid.
  • Your suspended license must not be for any other reason than DWI.
  • Your driving record must not show any unpaid fines.

If you think you qualify for a restricted interlock license, please contact us.

Charged With A DWI in Denton County?

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