Have you or a loved one been accused of taking prescription medication?

Taking a pill given by friend or relative, buying pills from an unauthorized seller, or taking medication prescribed for someone else may end up causing you serious problems. The truth is that you could be charged criminally if you are found with a drug that hasn’t been prescribed for you by a medical doctor. All of this depends on which type of medication you have in your possession.

To avoid the possibility of criminal prosecution related to the sharing of prescriptions, you need to know the laws that apply.

Drug Charges for Prescription Medications

In Texas, people can face drug charges if they illegally have prescription medications in their possession. We are talking about specific types of prescription drugs that are classified as controlled substances like narcotic painkillers, which are a lot like cocaine and methamphetamine. You could be charged with possession if you are caught with these types of drugs or plan on having them without a prescription in your name by a licensed physician.

Depending on the situation, law enforcement could charge you with unlawfully acquiring prescription drugs. If you obtain a controlled substance when it’s not medically required, use a prescription that is either misrepresented or fraudulent in order to get specific medications, or take a Schedule II drug that has been prescribed for someone else, you could be charged with prescription fraud.

Penalties for Offenses Related to Prescription Drugs

The penalties that could be imposed if you’re convicted of being illicitly in possession of a controlled substance vary depending on the details of the crime. The judge would likely consider the type of prescription medication and how much of the drug you had in your possession when you were arrested.

Being arrested on drug charges based on prescription medications could lead you down a slippery slope you never saw coming. However, by working with a skilled attorney you may be able to come up with a strong defense that would not only protect your rights, but also save your future.

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