Problem: DWI


John’s Case

Problem: DWI

Offer:  Conviction, license suspension and months of probation and classes.

The attorney requests and pours over the discovery in the case.  It happens that John looked very good in the roadside video and his BAC came back from the lab below the legal limit.  The video also revealed that the arresting officer was rude to John to the point of being abusive.  These issues are emphasized in negotiations with the prosecutor.

Result:  Case dismissed.  All records expunged.


Problem: Assault Family Violence

Kim’s Case

Problem: Assault Family Violence

Offer:  Plea of Guilty with Violent Crime on Record

Attorney gets to know Kim and her story.  First, there was a lot going on in Kim’s life at that time.  She was in the perfect storm of overwhelming stressors when this allegation arose.  From the complaining witness and the discovery, the attorney also learned that the complaining witness wasn’t really hurt.  Mitigation along with argument about the lack of injury is sent to the prosecutor.

Result:  Client receives a full dismissal of charges.


Problem:  Client has a Possession of Marijuana charge on his public record


Cole’s Case

Problem:  Client has a Possession of Marijuana charge on his public record.

The record clearing attorney was the same attorney that had handled the Possession of Marijuana case.  The case was not a good case for any available diversion programs.  However, with a little extra legal work the attorney secured on offer of dismissal with conditions.  The client met the conditions and the case was dismissed.  After a waiting period, the client was eligible to have his record cleared.


- Result:  Expunction granted, record cleared.

Problem:  Client had two arrests for drug possession on her record


Sarah’s Case

Problem:  Client had two arrests for drug possession on her record.

The record clearing attorney was the same attorney that had handled the drug charges in court.  The client and her charges were directed to a first offender program with an eye to future record clearing.  Because the attorney knew the law and the client successfully completed her program, she was immediately eligible to have her record cleared.


- Result:  Two expunctions granted.  Records cleared.

Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance

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Taylor’s Case

Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance

Offer:  12 months of Felony Probation

Attorney requests and receives discovery from the prosecutors.  An investigation into the case reveals that the initial police contact with client might not have been legal.  Though 13 videos had been turned over in the case, none of the videos clearly showed the actions of the officer that initially detained the client.  An argument with prosecutors regarding who could prove what ensued.


- Result:  Client receives a plea deal to serve one overnight stay in the jail to finalize the case.

Client has a Felony Drug Charge on her record.


Felonies on background checks can make it very hard to obtain employment and housing.  Because the attorney got the client admitted into a first offender program to dispose of the original case.  The client was immediately eligible for record clearing when she successfully completed the program.  With all the legal requirements met, the Expunction Order was granted very quickly and without any contest at the hearing.

- Chelsea

State Jail Possession of a Controlled Substance in Penalty Group Two & Class B Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana.

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The attorney negotiated a deal with prosecutors wherein the client would complete a Marijuana Awareness Class and, in exchange, his felony possession charge would be declined for prosecution and his misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge would be dismissed.  The client was not adjudicated on either charge, he did not receive any formal punishment and he is eligible to get his record cleared of the charges.

- Logan

Charged with Class B Possession of Marijuana.

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While getting to know David, the attorney learned that the typical first offender programs and deferred adjudication probations were not going to work in this case.  After exhausting efforts to get the case dismissed, the attorney negotiated a plea bargain that allowed the client to get time served on his sentence for the charge.  The client received credit for the time he spent in jail when he was first arrested.  As a result, the client never had to go back to jail to dispose of the case and he didn’t have to do any probation either.

- David

Charged with Class A Misdemeanor DWI BAC > 0.15

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Plea Offer 22 Months of Probation and an $800 fine.

Through negotiations the attorney got the charge reduced to Class B Misdemeanor DWI.  The probation in the case was reduced to 18 months with a fine of only $400.

- Emily

Charged with Third Degree Felony Possession of Marijuana


Plea Offer: Four Years of Probation

Through negotiation the attorney got the criminal charge reduced to State Jail Felony Marijuana Possession.  The Probation was negotiated to only two years of Deferred Adjudication Probation which does not result in a felony conviction.  The client was not and will not be incarcerated and she got her cellphone back from the police the same day as the plea hearing.

- Susan

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