Pending DWI Charge Preventing Employment

Young woman is contacted by police and ultimately charged with DWI. The case against her was strong. The pending court charge prevented her from pursuing her chosen employment because the employer would not allow someone with an active case or an active probation to work. Counsel suggests a course of having the woman do positive things to lessen the severity of her punishment. Through negotiation and mitigation counsel secured a jail time offer of 8 days in jail. Counsel advised the woman regarding working in jail and receiving good-time credit. The woman was in jail Wednesday, Thursday and was released late Friday. She was able to start work on the following Monday.

- Brittany

Criminal Record for Petty Theft


A woman makes a one-time out of character mistake and gets caught shop lifting. It was a small amount of merchandise but, she received a ticket and, with it, a criminal record for theft. She successfully completed deferred probation but the theft still appeared on her background. Counsel drafted and filed a Petition for Expunction. After a Hearing, the District Court Ordered the record to be Expunged. The theft ticket charge is no longer a problem.

- Raina

Criminal Record for Possession of Marijuana


A young person finishing college and looking to start her career did not want a dismissed marijuana possession charge appearing in her background. Counsel drafted and filed a Petition for Expunction. After a Hearing, the District Court Ordered the record to be Expunged. The marijuana charge is gone forever.

- Rebekah

Criminal Record for Assault Family Violence


A dismissed Assault Family Violence allegation was appearing on background checks. Counsel drafted and filed a Petition for Expunction. After a Hearing, the District Court Ordered the record to be Expunged. Background checks are now clear.

- Ilona

Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance

Husband and Wife have their daughter and her boyfriend living in their house because that couple is expecting a child. Unbeknownst to the Husband and Wife the young couple is selling drugs out of the home to help pay their bills. This draws the attention of police and the house is raided. Husband and Wife are arrested because drugs are found hidden throughout the house and not just in the young couples’ bedroom. Counsel prepares a packet of information for the Grand Jury impaneled to indict the cases. The information packet includes the narratives from the search warrants and arrest warrants. These police narratives showed that the young couple were the sole targets of the investigation and the Husband and Wife were never suspects until the hidden drugs were found. Counsel, working with the attorney for the boyfriend, also secured an admission from the boyfriend that he had hidden the drugs in the house without the Husband and Wife’s knowledge. That admission was included in the Grand Jury Packet. The Grand Jury Attorney at the Prosecutor’s Office was provided a courtesy copy of the Packet and, after reviewing it, decided to decline the cases for prosecution rather than submit them to the Grand Jury for indictment.

- Johnny and Robin

Assault Family Violence

Husband and Wife get into an argument and a struggle ensues.  Both parties have marks on them. The local District Attorney’s Office was persuaded not to file the police charge for family violence against the wife in court.  The case was declined for prosecution ending the matter.

- Brianna

Assault Family Violence

Husband and Wife get into an argument.  Wife pushes a table at Husband striking him.  Husband pushes table back at wife striking her.  A house guest calls 911. After long and intense negotiations with the Prosecuting Attorney, the case was dismissed.

- Danny

Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance

Driver is taking a friend for a ride.  The car is stopped by police and a probable cause search ensues.  Cocaine is found in the Friend’s purse. Both Driver and Friend are female and have purses in the car.  Friend does not claim the purse that the drugs were found in. Frustrated that the Driver will not inform against the Friend, the officer arrests both ladies.  Discovery reviewed by the Attorney, particularly the roadside video, was key in demonstrating to prosecutors that the police knew the drugs belonged to the passenger and only arrested the Driver for her lack of cooperation.

- Hailey

Criminal Record for Assault


Fifteen year old Assault allegation was darkening background checks.  Counsel drafted and filed a Petition for Expunction. After a Hearing, the District Court Ordered the record to be Expunged.  Background checks are now clear.

- Nina

Thousands of dollars in Driver’s License Surcharges owed

Driver’s best option, based on the facts, was to accept a plea bargain in a DWI case.  DWI convictions carry $3,000 to $6,000 in driver’s license surcharges. Attorney conducts a hearing on the issue of the Driver’s ability to pay surcharges.  Judge waives surcharges based on an established hardship in paying.

- Autumn

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