Six Charges of Delivery of a Controlled Substance

Young Man with mental health diagnosis developed a street drug addiction while self-medicating his mental health issues.  Young Man turns to dealing to support his growing addiction. Predictably, the Young Man is caught by authorities and was looking at life in prison.  Attorney negotiations resulted in only four of six charges being filed in Court. Ultimately, the cases were directed by counsel to the Mental Health Court Program.  The Young Man not only avoided prison but, received an opportunity to get all of his charges dismissed upon successful completion of the Program.

- Austin

DWI & Evading Arrest with a major multi-car crash

Police attempt a traffic stop on a Man that had been drinking.  In a moment of panic, the Man presses the accelerator to flee police.  A high speed chase ensues and does not end until the man struck several other vehicles disabling his own vehicle.

- Terrance

Unlauthorized Use of a Vehicle and Theft

Young Man keeps a rental car past the due date in order to make an income via LYFT.  By the time the case reaches the Denton County District Attorney’s Office the Young Man had volunteered to serve in the Army and was due to be inducted and sent to Basic Training in the near future.  The rental car company was reimbursed for their loss. Attorney provides proof of restitution and an Army contract, Denton County declined to file the case. The Detective on the case, unhappy with Denton’s decision, arranged to have the case filed in Tarrant County.  Attorney contacts the Tarrant County Prosecutor assigned and provides the same mitigation to him that Denton County received. Tarrant County dismissed the charges and the Young Man is in Basic Training.

- Bo

Juvenile Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Kid is bullied at school.  Kid takes a knife to school and when the bully starts in on him again, the kid pulls out the knife.  Attorney tells prosecutor the real story of the Kid and negotiates a plea bargain to a lesser offense.

- R.E.

Felony Injury to the Elderly

Man in his Sixties delivering groceries for something social to do in retirement is berated by another senior man whose delivery was late.  The two argue and the Delivery Man pushes past the Customer to leave. The customer falls and is injured. The customer turns out to be 90 years old. Attorney negotiates a misdemeanor in part because; there were no punches thrown, both men engaged in the altercation, both men were seniors.

- Johnny

Felony DWI with a Minor in the Vehicle

Mother arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated.  At the time of the arrest the Mother had her infant child in the backseat.   Attorney has the defense blood sample sent to the lab. The lab test showed a BAC below the legal limit.  Attorney conducts discovery and finds that the stop of the Mother’s vehicle was likely not legal. Prosecutor makes an offer Mother can’t refuse before the case is set for trial.

- Dori

Two Charges of Criminal Trespass

UNT Student accused of stalking by a fellow student.  There was no basis for criminal charges but, the Student was trespassed from UNT anyway.  During the appeal process the trespass order was lifted and reinstated several times. Ultimately, the Student was caught on campus on two occasions when he was not allowed to be there.  Attorney lays out the whole convoluted and unjust story for prosecutors. Charges dismissed.

- Reed

Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance and Felony Possession of Marijuana


Driver and Buddy pulled over for a traffic violation.  Search ensues and drugs are found. Attorney reviews the videos of the traffic stop.  The video revealed more information than the written police reports. Attorney found a suppression issue in the video that was not in the reports.  Attorney files a Motion to Suppress Evidence. Driver settles his case for reduced charges.

- Miguel

Felony Aggravated Assault

Young Man completes six years of a 10 year probation as a model probationee.  Continuing to be on probation was affecting the Young Man’s employment and housing opportunities.  Attorney drafts, files, and conducts a hearing on a Motion for Early Release from Probation. Young Man is released.

- Wes

Accident Involving Damage Greater than $200

Young Woman is accused of leaving the scene of an accident without providing contact and insurance information.  Attorney begins investigation of the case. Investigation reveals that the criminal charge is left in limbo between the police agency and the prosecutor’s office.  Attorney files a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus to clear the Young Woman of the allegation. Judge issues the Writ with the effect that the charge cannot be prosecuted.

- Carely

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