Summer time in Texas is a great time to celebrate with friends and family, but all of the festivities can come to a screeching halt when it comes to drinking and driving in Denton County. With so many people traveling on the roads to and from gatherings and parties, the risk of drunk driving accidents dramatically increases. Unfortunately, nearly every year Texas has lead the nation in the most DWI related driving accidents which has led to an increase in DWI enforcement on our roads.


Already Facing DWI or DUI Charges In Denton County?

If you have already been arrested for DWI or DUI in Denton County, it is important that you seek the counsel of an experienced Denton County DWI Criminal Defense Attorney, like Daniel K. Peugh at the Peugh Law Firm. Our office has handled hundreds of DWI cases in Denton County and as a former prosecutor; Dan knows both sides of the courtroom.


Sobriety Checkpoints

While Texas law currently prohibits sobriety checkpoints, also known as DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) or DUI (Driving Under the Influence) checkpoints, law enforcement agencies are still on particularly high alert for potential drunk drivers during the holidays and often conduct DWI (driving while intoxicated) checkpoints under the guise of making sure drivers have a valid license and insurance. There are also significant lobbying efforts underway to change the law to openly allow for DWI checkpoints, so it is important to know what to expect should they be established. If you are pulled over when your blood alcohol content (BAC) is above the state legal limit (.08), you could face license suspension, major fines and even jail time.


Stay Safe & Follow These Tips:

With the summer holidays upon us, it is very important to keep in mind these commons sense tips so that you can avoid a DWI this summer in and around Denton County:


  1. Don’t Drink Alcohol and Then Drive: This one may seem obvious, but one guaranteed way to avoid a DWI is to pass on alcohol (or drugs) all together when you’re driving. Even if you feel that you’re fine to drive after a few drinks, the officer that pulls you over may disagree. Most sobriety tests are designed to be difficult to pass and are open to the officer’s interpretation. Portable breath testing devices (breathalyzers), laboratory blood tests, and even law enforcement’s judgment are all prone to potential error when determining a defendant’s level of sobriety. It is best to avoid the situation entirely and use ride services such as Lyft or Uber if you are under the influence of alcohol drugs. You can also consider volunteering to be a designated driver for your friends or save the drinking for times when you have a designated driver or have agreed on a responsible way to get home.


  1. If You Consume Alcohol, Be Smart: Keep the number of drinks you consume to a minimum if you plan on driving, and be sure to eat plenty to have a full stomach. The food will help to delay the absorption of alcohol and will help to avoid a spike in alcohol intoxication. Eating plenty of food should not be too much of a challenge for most of us!


  1. One Drink Per Hour Rule? Not So Much:  While it can usually take one hour for the body to absorb and eliminate 1 alcoholic beverage from the bloodstream, this old saying doesn’t always hold true. How a person’s body metabolizes alcohol can depend on a wide array of factors including gender, body weight, body hydration, food consumption, and the speed of absorption can vary greatly from one person to another.


  1. Being Close to Home Won’t Protect You: –Unfortunately, many individuals believe that if they are close to home, that they can avoid getting caught for DWI or DUI.  This is simply incorrect because a large portion of DWI arrests, accidents, and stops occur within 1 mile of the driver’s home. You are not going to get any breaks for being close to home from Texas Law Enforcement.


Following these tips and using a bit of common sense can help you avoid a DWI in Denton County during the summer season. It is important to keep in mind, though, that once a person starts drinking, their judgment becomes impaired and they may not make the smartest choices. If you find yourself facing a DWI or DUI charge in Denton County, contact the Peugh Law firm today to schedule a free consultation to hear all of your options.