Severe Penalties Can be Imposed if Convicted of Theft in Denton


Most parents teach their children that taking things belonging to others is wrong. Even though we know how wrong this is, sometimes people get into a situation that causes them to be accused of stealing or involvement in a related crime. Grasping the severity of the charge means understanding the law in North Texas regarding the crime of theft.


So, how serious is it for someone being charged with theft and what consequences could that person potentially face?


Texas law classifies misdemeanor theft as A, B, or C depending on the severity of the crime. Class A theft is the most serious of misdemeanor theft charges. But there are various levels of felony theft as well. If a jury in Texas convicts someone of felony theft, they could end up spending time in a state Jail Facility or prison.

Their sentence will be based on how much the alleged stolen property is worth. If $1,500 worth of items were stolen the accused would face the lowest felony charge. if the stolen items are valued at $200,000 or more, the accused would then face the highest felony charge.

The accused person’s circumstances are considered in determining the level of severity they would be charged with in a theft-related crime. If the accused held a position of trust, such as a school principal or government official, the penalty could move up to a more severe level. This could be the case even if the theft didn’t meet the dollar value threshold for the more serious charge.

In addition to the criminal penalties, Theft charges carry several disabilities outside of the court system.  Most misdemeanors do not cause problems for people in the community.  However, people with Theft charges on their public record have difficulty finding work.  Employee theft is a real problem for businesses.  As a result, employers will avoid hiring someone with a record of Theft.  Apartments and Condominium communities will also refuse housing to persons with a record of Theft.

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