Most students think of all the good times ahead of them when they pack up and head off to the college of their choice in the Fall. This is part of the fun of college. Unfortunately, that fun can permanently end all too soon if things become serious enough to lead to an arrest and criminal charges in the State of Texas.

All kinds of potential criminal charges could occur while on campus at a university or college in North Texas. For example, the behaviors prohibited in your school’s code of conduct could involve borderline illegal activity. In some cases, this may be handled on campus. In others, however, the decision to involve the authorities may be made.

What Happens When I’m Arrested?

Arrests on campus are taken just as seriously as arrests made off-campus for alleged criminal behavior. Many colleges in Texas do have their on-campus police department, but the smaller colleges often use safety officers and the local police department when the crimes are serious enough.

Typically, issues that will be escalated by campus security to officers of the law include things like:

  • Drinking underage
  • Possession or other Drug-related Charges
  • Sexual Assault and similar charges
  • Disorderly Conduct

If you are facing any of these charges, the potential penalties include both fines and jail time. However, since this took place on campus, you may also face a variety of consequences from your school as well.

Upon being taken into custody by law enforcement, a student will be treated the same and given the same rights as anyone else being arrested off of campus. You may either be released immediately or held for a day or two before having an arraignment. If you get arrested over a holiday or weekend, expect to spend longer in custody before the first hearing of your charges before the court ( the arraignment).

Hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney as Early as Possible

Daniel K Peugh is a criminal attorney with over 20 years of successfully arguing cases in front of judges in Texas. Mr. Peugh has experience defending criminal charges of all kinds, including misdemeanors, assault, and drug possession related charges. He may even be able to resolve your case without the need for trial.

If you have questions about the criminal charges you face for something that happened on your college campus in the North Texas area, click on the link or give us a call at 940-566-0271 to set up a free consultation today!